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Offline Spending Tracker

Free blog presents the offline spending tracker. This application is here to help you keep track of your expenses. Just like you would count calories to get a healthier body, you should track your money to grow a healthy pocket.
The tracker doesn't need to sync with any bank, it's simply here to replace pen and paper. You simply enter a budget, set it to monthly or yearly (remember to setup the time format) and start entering transactions from the main menu.
The application also has a widget so you don't have to open it every time you need to check your budget balance and since the app doesn't touch your personal information and works offline you won't have excuses to start creating good habits with your money.
I encourage you to give it a try, and feel free to report back any bugs you find.
Known Bugs: When entering a transaction on a Samsung S5 or later phone, sometimes the "Time" icon jiggles on top of the keyboard. This doesn't hinder the functionality but it's being worked on to be patched up.
Updates: Added a graph to see monthly/yearly expenses.